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Put yourself in a different light

Integrative Coaching, Counseling, Therapy

Life is full of surprises, both positive and negative. Usually, you manage to handle them well on your own, but sometimes you get stuck.

You find it frustrating and want to get rid of that feeling! You just don’t know how yet, because despite all your efforts, you haven't managed to resolve it yourself (yet).

In such times, it's comforting to have someone who can guide you; someone who fits your specific needs, the goals you want to achieve, and the process you're going through. The tailor-made sessions for you can include insightful, coaching, advisory, and therapeutic elements. Because we continuously align on what's needed, you always know where you stand and what you are working towards throughout the entire process.

Are you looking for a therapist who listens to you and quickly gets to the heart of the matter? Someone who thinks along with you and guides you in what you need? Then my practice, Danielle Visser in Waalre, just south of Eindhoven, is the perfect place for you.

Are you looking for coaching, psychological help, or therapy in the greater Eindhoven region?
  • No long waiting lists, short-term programs

  • Immediate appointments and quick start

  • No referral needed from your GP

  • Easily accessible with free parking at the door



You want to approach things differently but aren't sure how yet. You want to discover where your talents lie or what you really want. You want to get more out of yourself than you are currently doing.

The problems you're experiencing seem to be a bit deeper. You struggle with old beliefs or coping mechanisms, and you can't manage to address them on your own.

You have issues you want to get rid of. You are troubled by feelings and thoughts that are holding you back. You want to address them so they no longer affect your life.

Who am I?

'Happiness is not something readymade.
It comes from your own actions.'

                                                                                 - Dalai Lama

Guiding people on their journey from A to B, helping them regain control in life, and assisting groups in their growth or collaboration gives me great satisfaction.

Being a witness to the transformation process of clients, who start to feel better and stronger and face their future with confidence, makes me step into my practice with joy every single day,

Danielle Visser

Initialen van Danielle Visser
Foto van Danielle Visser therapeut in Waalre

How can I guide you?

Stress & Burnout
(Unresolved) Grief
High sensivity
Expat issues
Low or negative self-image
Unresolved, negative) emotions
Psychosomatic Complaints (MUPS)
Leadership or career challenges
Meaning/Purpose and Personal Development
"I am so grateful for Danielle's guidance. I felt very supported. She helped me to understand myself better and even helped my partner to support me more. The exercises and insights have helped me in many ways."

- Expat young professional
with attachment trauma

A few times a year, receive more information, a helpful exercise, or an assignment that helps you maintain your mental health.

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