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Warm, compassionate, and with down-to-earth humor

My career involved leading (young) professionals in supportive roles in healthcare (facilities) and the international business world (marketing and facilities). The best part of my job was guiding and challenging them, helping them utilize their qualities, and thus developing themselves and the team further.


In 2022, I chose to focus on guiding individual journeys and completed the full-time Integrative Counseling program at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam. Since then, I have started my own practice and have gained extensive experience in this wonderful field.

Due to my leadership experience, I am also engaged by corporate and healthcare clients, particularly where team dynamics need extra attention or in the individual coaching of employees dealing with stress and burnout or leadership development.

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I am currently pursuing additional training for hypnotherapy and IEMT (a development of EMDR), so I can support you even better.

I am married and a mother of two teenagers. I love walking, playing tennis, music, and spending enjoyable moments with friends. To clear my mind, I like to go into the woods, paint, or play the piano. I need this to maintain a healthy life balance. I enjoy life and continually seek new inspiration to further develop myself both personally and professionally.



  • Integrative coaching | Coach practioner 

  • HBO Integrative counseling

  • Clinical psychology, psychopathology and diagnostics

  • Developmental psychology

  • Basic Medical knowledge

  • HBO trance healing

  • Mental healthcare ​ethics and legislation

Currently following in 2024 en 2025:

  • Klassieke, moderne en medische hypnotherapie

  • IEMT (doorontwikkeling van EMDR)


In the fall of 2024, I will obtain several new accreditations, allowing you to often (partially) claim the costs of the sessions through your supplementary health insurance.

Warm - Open - Enthusiastic - Compassionate - Inspiring - Motivating - Professional - Social - Empathetic - Humorous - Honest - Personal
"Nice to have a listening ear and someone who thinks along with me in my professional development. Someone who truly sees me, without judgment."

- High sensitive young professional

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