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My methods

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The goal of our sessions is to initiate a transformation process within you, where you can explore, address, and resolve your problem. Because every person is unique, each journey is tailored; it’s not the technique that takes center stage, but you as a person. Throughout this entire process, I will guide you until you feel ready to move forward on your own. And that often happens faster than you think.

During the intake, we will discuss your exact needs and also how you want things to be, giving you more control and a clear understanding of how we will tackle your problem.

Fitting your process, I will guide you using various methods such as insightful techniques, relaxation exercises, visualizations, parts of your personality, NLP, systemic methods, trance (including hypnosis), imagination techniques, homework assignments, cognitive and behavioral therapy. All of these are integrated into a personalized treatment plan for you, which we will also regularly evaluate. Through a secure online environment, you can access your file and, if desired, review or listen to a session.

Therapy in Dutch, English and French and online possibilities

If you are unable to come to the practice, it is also possible to have our appointment online, through a secure environment.


And if you prefer to speak English or French during our sessions, that is also possible. I speak both languages at a high level and specialize in cultural differences.


Integrative psychotherapy

In my practice, I work according to the integrative approach within psychotherapy.

Advantage 1: Short-term and Goal-oriented

The integrative approach offers short-term and efficient therapy. This means a high-quality and goal-oriented program, specially tailored to your needs, the phase of life you are in, and how far you have already come.


Advantage 2: You as a Person, Not Just Your Complaint, Are Central

The integrative approach is multidimensional: emotional, physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and spiritual aspects are involved in the therapy. In other words, you as a person, with all your facets, are central, and since these are closely connected, we will pay attention to all of them if desired; focusing on your strength to address your complaint.

Advantage 3: A Plan for Both the Outer and Inner Worlds

The integrative approach works with both the conscious and unconscious parts of your psyche. Often, negative experiences and feelings are stored in the unconscious, and just talking about them in the outer world doesn't help. The integrative approach works with techniques like visualizations and trance in your inner world, where you can safely address the underlying cause of your problem, resulting in lasting outcomes.

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